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A Note from Malorie Tadimi: Hello, beautiful Imperfect Women! As we wrap up another week, I want to invite you to journal with me.

Here are a few powerful journal prompts that can help you reflect on this past week and enhance your relationship with money, happiness, and fulfillment.

Taking the time to write down your thoughts can bring clarity and inspiration as you pursue your goals. Grab your journal, find a quiet spot, and let yourself write (no self-judgment allowed!)

Malorie Tadimi — Founder, Imperfect Woman®

Take a few moments today to reflect on your week. Write down your thoughts and celebrate your progress, no matter how small.

Grab a journal and answer these questions:
- What am I proud of accomplishing this week?
- What did I learn from any challenges I faced?
- How did I invite in new opportunities so I can meet my edges?
- What is one thing I want to do better next week?


We’d love to hear your reflections on these prompts! Share your insights and experiences with us! Tag us in Instagram stories @imperfectwomanhq or tag us on LinkedIn @imperfectowman. Let’s support each other on our journeys to greater money mastery, happiness, and fulfillment.

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One of the greatest lessons you will learn here is that trying to achieve happiness by "getting what you want" is actually limiting your happiness. You end up struggling with life instead of experiencing it. True happiness comes only when your inner energy is free to flow. That unhampered flow is, indeed, the goal of this course.

We will see that the most effective personal growth technique is to use life to remove your inner blockages, not compensate for them. Grab it here.


"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." – Dalai Lama

Final Thoughts

Taking the time to journal can be a transformative practice. It helps you gain clarity, set intentions, and cultivate a positive mindset. I hope these prompts inspire you to explore your thoughts and create a more abundant, happy, and fulfilling life.

With love and encouragement,

Malorie Tadimi
Founder, Imperfect Woman®

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